People gotta eat

Article on NPR about re-opening restaurants in New Orleans post-Katrina: “New Orleans’ Identity Hangs In The Balance As Restaurants Rebuild”

Food for thought (no pun intended) in a world anticipating further such disasters. A dedicated restaurant owner “wore a gas mask to clean out the walk-in cooler, and tried to reach staff spread around the country. In five weeks, Herbsaint was serving food again. Link says being able to eat from real china was like therapy for people who had lost everything.”

He said: “Inside these walls, everything felt normal. It’s just kind of like the first restaurants that opened were like this beacon of hope that everything’s gonna be alright. It can be done.”

People gotta eat. Food systems are pretty much the ecological enabler of human activity, and social systems around food are foundational to human society. How quickly would a given city be able to rebuild its hearth after a disaster?