Important Woman Leaders in American History

For August through December of 2016, I researched & wrote up a series of social media posts about important historical woman leaders in America (and related important dates) to go along with a client’s book The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World. It was a mix of my own research as well as quotes from the book or primary sources. (I also wrote/edited copy for lots of little posts—normal social media activity, but important to keep up with.)

The channel is still more or less active as I write this, but just to showcase this particular information in one place, I’ve gathered the historical posts below!

(Update: Unfortunately, Facebook’s embedding has stopped working for these posts, so here are just the links. Scroll around the page’s timeline for these and other interesting perspective on feminism in history and in the present.)

2016 Jul 28 – Vinnie Ream
2016 Aug 18 – 19th Amendment Ratified in 1920
2016 Aug 19 – 19th Amendment Certified in 1920
2016 Aug 26 – Alice Paul
2016 Aug 28 – Elizabeth Ann Seton
2016 Sep 6 – Jane Addams
2016 Sep 23 – Victoria Woodhull
2016 Sep 30 – Woodrow Wilson (finally) Endorses Suffrage
2016 Oct 12 – Salem Witch Trials Halted
2016 Oct 28 – Statue of Liberty Unveiled
2016 Oct 28 – Statue of Liberty Unveiling (pt. 2)
2016 Nov 19 – Emma Lazarus
2016 Nov 25 – Inez Mulholland
2016 Nov 26 – Sojourner Truth
2016 Nov 29 – Louisa May Alcott
2017 Mar 22 – Equal Rights Amendment

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