Some minor control

In case this is useful for anyone else, here’s a simple way to make FB’s newsfeed and tickers go away in Firefox without dumping FB entirely. Useful if you need it, not useful if you don’t. There are probably similar steps you can use with other browsers but Firefox is the one I use.

Find your profile folder using these directions and then create the folder “chrome” and then create the file “userContent.css” inside that folder. Paste this CSS into the file:

@-moz-document domain( {
div[aria-label="News Feed"] div[role="feed"] {display: none;}
#pagelet_group_mall div[aria-label="News Feed"] div[role="feed"] {display: block;}
div.ticker_stream {display: none;}
div#pagelet_trending_tags_and_topics {display: none;}

Then restart Firefox.

And to undo, delete said file (and restart Firefox).

It’s a passable middle ground between full-blast Facebook and deleting your account.

Edit, later the say day: Added a specific parent element for the “feed” element, to restrict to front page.

Edit, 2017-10-13: Added line to show posts in Groups that otherwise get hidden.